Upcoming 3-day webinar
with Viacheslav Konev

Development of the Feelings of "Eternal Life"
(languages: English and German translated from Russian),
2, 3 and 4 of October 2020

"The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Development of the Feelings of Eternal Life"
Three-day webinar
"Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Development of the Feelings of "Eternal Life".
Seminar "Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Development of the Feelings of "Eternal Life" "continues a new cycle, consisting of 12 seminar topics, completely based on the latest lectures by Grigory Grabovoi, devoted to the consideration of" Technologies of Eternal Life "or" Technologies of Eternity "and given to them in July and August 2015.

The development of the Feelings of "Eternal Life" is possible not only in physical space. These feelings can develop and they are developing into the "Infinite System of the Future", where, due to the fact that these feelings are an active substance, they interact with future events and optimize them or transform into positive any disturbing events. The practice of considering such work of feelings leads to the next Level of Development of "Human Feelings".
Based on this, we can consider the following practice in which the Feelings contribute to the development of the person's Spirit. And this work of the Human Spirit also develops the direction of work with future events on the Transformation of the "Negative Information of the Future".
And already having this skill, we will be able to consider the practice of Forming the Goal of "Eternal Life" on the basis of specific everyday events, where you can also learn to see that the events themselves are focused in their development on "Eternal Life".
Quite often, listeners of seminars on the Teachings of Grigory Grabovoi have such a non-standard question: "What will happen after" Eternal Life in a Physical Body "? And the answer to this question can be found by researching and understanding the Feelings of "Eternal Life". Understanding this issue gives an understanding of how the Feelings of "Eternal Life" are generally formed in a person. And already such a detailed understanding of the formation of the Feelings of "Eternal Life" can lead to a new invaluable experience that speaks of how a person can transfer to another person the Knowledge about "Eternal Life" through feelings. Here we can again move on to understanding that feeling is not only a tool of perception, but also a tool of control.
Passing knowledge through feelings to others, we can learn to develop self-awareness of ourselves and awareness of eternity not just in our organs, but namely the eternity of the very organs of our body. And through this feeling to control the norm in the organs and even external events.
In addition, it will be considered how feelings will change along the path of a person's movement to Eternal life. What new feelings will appear and what feelings can go away forever - for example, anxiety and fear.
Based on the understanding of the importance of these opportunities, and in essence of the tasks, we will consider how a person can already now begin to form feelings of the future, that is, in advance. Moreover, it is already possible to begin to apply new feelings now in control. That is, in essence - again this suggests that a person can develop, as it were, "overtaking time."
Separately, we will consider the practice of how to stabilize external phenomena through the senses, including the phenomena that are distant and close on the planet "Earth". That is, how it is possible to work through the senses with the atomic and cellular level.
In conclusion, as well as during the seminar, if there are questions on the topic under consideration, we will analyze the questions that arise.
Plan of the webinar
1. The methodology of "Ensuring Eternal Life" through a feeling of eternal life to ensure the anticipation of adverse or disturbing events.
2. The interaction of Spirit and feelings in the control of a person.
3. Spiritual qualities of human development in eternal life.
4. Interrelation of the Objective of "Building eternal life" and the Task of "Developing the feelings of eternal life."
5. Differentiation of the real feeling of eternal life.
6. Determination through Feeling of "Concentration of future events" on the Task of "Eternal human life".

7. The physical body of a person and feelings.
8. Technology of transmitting the feeling of eternal life to another person through feelings.
9. Technology of transferring knowledge of eternal life through feelings.
10. Creation of Feelings, conducive to logical cognition by a person.
11. Working through the feelings with their own organs and the physical body.
12. Disappearing and new feelings in eternal life.
13. Answers to questions
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