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8 days, 2 hours daily
Viacheslav Konev
Self-regeneration technologies
September 28 - October 1, 2020
October 5 - October 8, 2020

"Self-Regeneration Technologies"
(based on the seminar "The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God" No. 65,
conducted by Grabovoi G.P. 01 July 2003)

The technologies of "Self-regeneration" are most in demand and often are the ones that arouse the greatest interest among seminar participants. When considering, applying and implementing these technologies in practice, any person can get experience of control in any other creative areas of control.

The specificity of this seminar lies in the fact that we can get effective control only by the fact that we begin to know the studied material. The knowledge itself, acquired by us, in this case already synchronizes the actions coming from us. Here we get precise control primarily from knowledge. And together with "this" we can use and, moreover, strengthen the control through specific techniques and methods.

The first self-regeneration technologies here are simple enough because we have the opportunity to restore in ourselves the knowledge that we have already received at the moment when we discovered the world for the first time when God created our soul. These are specific practices that are easy to learn and can be applied further in any situation that requires control.

Looking at these simple techniques, we will be able to see that the element of regeneration can even be the "Adverse Events Bypass Technology" through the development of clairvoyance. And further on, we can learn not only not to enter into an event we do not need physically or simply by thinking, but even to eliminate the cause and source of the reason for the formation of negative events. Moreover, these unfavorable events can be translated into events necessary for a particular person and for all at once.

A whole series of technologies going one after another will show us how to use the space of our own body, to quickly recover or work in external space. Let's look at how we can use our bodies to find our own level of perception of God's Spirit, also in terms of body recovery and external event control.

In this seminar on the practical consideration of self regeneration technologies, we will build on and examine the provisions that can be applied as already stated in other areas of control - knowledge, event control, weather control, ensuring harmonious eternal development for ourselves and everyone.

In conclusion, as well as during the seminar, if there are any questions on the topic under consideration, we will deal with it.

Webinar Plan
1. The technology of Viewing "Discovering the World for the First Time" for the Human Soul.

2. The reciprocity of action with God is the solution of all human issues.

3. Understanding the "material" as a technology of interaction with God.

4. the element of the individual "Creating Peace" for the human being by God through the human body.

5. Circumvention technology "Non-normalised event".

6. Interaction with one's own body to improve and normalise events.

7. Technology for thinking inside and outside the body. The significance of these approaches.

8. Technology of finding God's Spirit at the level of human perception in the body.

9. Technology for determining the life path and tasks of a person who has already been chosen by man at the moment of his creation by God.

10. Technology for improving human health in interaction with nature.

11. Technology for controlling the functions of one's own cells in the human body.

12. Technology for controlling the weather.

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