The seminar with 22 interconnected three-mode devices
for the development of the concentrations of eternal life
PRK-1U with diamonds

from September 18th to September 27th, 2020 in-person in Belgrade, Serbia or remotely
in Russian and English

Please email a participation request or any questions that you might have

The lecturer: Marina Morozkina
The interpreter: Dmitry Tikhomirov

As a rule, at each seminar with 22 PRK-1U devices, Grigori Grabovoi gives a webinar specifically for the participants of the seminar, in which he gives new information that complements one of the topics of the seminar.

At the seminar with 22 connected devices, you can get a powerful leap in the development of consciousness.

One of the effects of this process could be a significant normalization of the person's psychological state. And this normalization is felt immediately during the seminar and remains with the person forever. The concentration on the PRK-1U device connected with the other 21 devices is amplified manifold and allows you to create and solidify this state of consciousness.

Confidence, inner deep and lasting calmness, friendliness, absence of fears, worries, and undesirable emotional reactions will help you embark on the path of successful and harmonious development.

During the first two days of the seminar, we will offer you intensive practice to achieve the described result. You will also learn how to use the devices to harmonize your relationships with other people, normalize information about past events in your life, and build your future in the direction of providing eternal life for all.

Also, working with the devices allows participants to regenerate themselves. Intensive training of consciousness, which is provided by the operation of the 22 interconnected PRK-1U devices, allows to take a person to such a level when the volitional effort of consciousness permanently keeps the person's physical body healthy. With developed consciousness, the human body becomes virtually indestructible.

For human consciousness, it is important that in the process of control, a person receives tangible, noticeable results. The positive experience of such work strengthens a person's faith in himself and allows to perform further control of any events more efficiently and at high speed.

At the seminar, you will learn how human consciousness is involved in maintaining the health of the physical body, about the mechanism of interaction between the soul, spirit, consciousness, and the human body. Since in order to implement eternal life, a person needs to develop all his structures so that they act according to the world's fundamental laws, the major work at the seminar will be carried out on the lectures of Grigori Grabovoi, in which the world's fundamental laws are examined from different perspectives.

The duration of the seminar is ten days. Each day there are three 90-minute classes. Individual settings for all devices are made for each participant. The participants of the seminar perform concentrations on different devices every day. During the ten days, each participant changes ten devices, each of which is connected to the other 21 devices. This allows to develop a variety of concentrations quicker to provide faster development.

The cost of remote or in-person participation in the seminar is the same and amounts to € 4,000. Each participant upon the completion of the seminar gets remote access to an individually configured PRK-1U as part of the package, access to the library with all the works of Grigori Grabovoi, and a flash drive with all the works of Grigori Grabovoi.
Please view the testimonies of the seminar participants:
(please note that the participants are not obligated to record a testimony)

"…I want to draw your attention to the fact that the body's reactions to the information were diverse, spontaneous. The power was many times different from what I felt with the individual device." 22.02.2020
Konstantin Vasiliev, click here to watch his video testimony
"I actually came with some recurrence, let's say, and within three days my bronchitis was gone. It actually had been tormenting me for thirty years, not less. And then the development started, namely the spiritual development." 22.02.2020
Larisa Fomicheva, click here to watch her video testimony
"I received so much knowledge, such high-speed technologies to control my life events, my health that no price is too high for such training." 22.02.2020
Tatyana Mamaeva, click here to watch her video testimony
"This development of the controlling clairvoyance and controlling forecasting. And I have seen in many, in so many ways manifesting itself and building even more my self-confidence in these qualities that all of us have, but somehow we need to get in contact with them consciously and develop them even more." 23.02.2020
Eleni Theochari, click here to watch her video testimony
"So, with the PRK device, a person really amplifies his concentrations, speeds up his thought. And I can say that the understanding is so much deeper, that sometimes you just have a moment of some kind of epiphany and as if your soul opens up, something expands, and you understand, as they say, 'to the bottom of your soul.'" 22.02.2020
Olga Alejnikova, click here to watch her video testimony
"I saw my archive body, meaning the body that God designed." 22.02.2020
Olga Martynova, click here to watch her video testimony
"I encountered this internal process, I encountered myself. So, reading of the texts of the seminar and explanation of these texts allowed me to encounter myself and understand how I function." 21.12.2019
Stephanie Perret, click here to watch her video testimony
"This is the opportunity that Grigori Grabovoi gives us in this room with 22 devices so that we can evolve and develop our multi-level vision." 21.12.2019
Eleni Theochari, click here to watch her video testimony
"…Using the 22 PRKs that help develop my consciousness, I found a deep faith in my abilities and in my ability to sense." 21.12.2019
Myriam Fornoville, click here to watch her video testimony
"All the material of the Teaching is so dense and with the help of PRK-1U devices, we understand this material deeper and assimilate it better."
Viviane Roets, click here to watch her video testimony
"While listening to Grigori Grabovoi's lectures with simultaneous concentration on the PRK-1U device in the classroom, I had extraordinary clarity of consciousness."
"Many phrases in my perception of the lecture material kind of illuminated and became convex. After the lecture, these memorized convex phrases formed a certain puzzle, due to which almost the entire content of the lecture was consistently reproduced in my memory. " 20.10.2019
Nikolai B., click here to watch his audio testimony
"I have been working with my remote PRK-1U device for a year, and now I can say that with the use of 22 PRK-1U devices my controlling clairvoyance is really opening up." 21.08.2019
Florian Fradot, click here to watch his video testimony
"I sensed an unusual flow, a very powerful one, that was holding my body for over an hour."…"And that flow, I was just sensing that it was filling up my every cell with strength, energy, power." 21.08.2019
Olga Alejnikova, click here to watch her video testimony
"I felt that the Grigori Grabovoi's texts became alive to me. I had visual sensations, explanations of the concepts that are found in the texts, and a very deep sensation of the matter of eternity inside my body. I felt it spreading throughout my entire body." 21.08.2019
Sophie, click here to watch her audio testimony
"I have been working with a remote PRK-1U device for a few months. But I can attest to the fact that working with 22 PRK-1U physical devices in this room allows me to feel the power and the huge potential that they help develop in us." 21.08.2019
Jeanne, click here to watch her audio testimony
"The simultaneous operation of 22 devices amplifies manifold the power of concentrations that provide eternal life and increases the speed of their development since the devices are interconnected to increase the power of each individual device and the system of the devices as a whole." 07.07.2019
Marina Morozkina, click here to watch her video testimony

The seminar will cover the following topics:

1. The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The structures of the fundamental organization of the world to provide eternal life.
2. The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The fundamental laws of the world that provide the physical bodies of eternal life.
3. The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The fundamental laws of the world and the faith in the provision of eternal life.
4. The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The action of soul, spirit, and consciousness according to the fundamental laws of the world to provide eternal life to the organism.
5. The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The principle of unification of life with the unlimited future to provide eternal life.

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