3 day Webinar
Viacheslav Konev
«The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about Eternal Life. Controlling specific events in a person's life»
(languages: English translated from Russian)
1, 2, 3 July 2022
Webinar "The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about Eternal Life. Controlling specific events in a person's life" 1, 2, 3 July 2022
3 day webinar
"The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about Eternal Life. Controlling specific events in a person's life"

This webinar is completely based on the material of the author's seminar by Grigori Grabovoi "The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about Eternal Life", read by the Author on August 4, 2003 and is the fourth webinar in the webinar cycle dedicated to the technologies of Eternity and Eternal Life.

Initially, considering the topic of Eternal Life, it was pointed out that the material aims to master the possibility of spreading the technologies of eternal life to any event. The spread of technology implies precisely the ability to control these events. And these events can be not only the events of the macro level or the future tense, but also the events that we encounter in everyday life or even are in them, if these are long-term events. And since eternity itself and the technologies of eternal life are of a universal nature, we can consider this material in relation to emerging or already existing conflict situations, to those situations where we just want to help another person, in matters of self-healing, in situations that may be unique and, therefore, even look at first glance as unsolvable, that is, situations requiring a search for a solution and an understanding of the situation itself.

And here, having such tasks and goals, we can move from one technique to another, where each technique is an independent tool, and at the same time opens up opportunities for mastering the next technique.
These are technologies that may look like tasks that are difficult to perceive, but are easily mastered for practical results, and always give development to the mastering participant, including development in an endless path, which is the eternal life of the living. This is an accessible work with eternity itself, with the construction of eternity, with the light of the Soul, with the all-manifested light of events, with the Divine Glow, as well as work where control itself can be carried out outside the event and outside space. You can get acquainted with the list of practices by viewing the plan of the proposed webinar. Thus, the webinar is applied in its value for any person.

A number of specific technologies studied and practically worked out at the webinar are given in the plan for this webinar. All technologies under consideration relate directly to the specified author's seminar by Grigori Grabovoi, and since this material is given by Viacheslav Konev for the first time, all the technologies of this webinar are technologies that have not been considered before and are also given by the teacher for the first time.
Webinar Plan
1. The technology of the correct acquisition of knowledge for action in a specific life situation in a person.

2. Technology of searching for the eternal structure in the physical world.

3. Vibration of eternity.

4. Technology of pushing out radioactive isotopes and harmful particles from the space of a person's real life, his home.

5. Work with a negative situation at the point of its location.

6. Working with an aggressive person who got into the control area in a particular event.

7. Work through the physical body of a person with an event requiring rationing.
8. The technology of realizing an action from a person - as an infinite action, that is, repeating an infinite number of times.

9. Depth of knowledge of the Human Soul.

10. Possibilities of mastering the technology of creating matter, body tissues by a person everywhere and in any conditions.

11. The light of all events coming to a person.

12. External light and the light of the Human Soul.

13. Divine glow restoring a person and events. Technology of perception of the divine glow.

14. Technology for managing events from timeless space.

15. Questions and answers on the material under consideration.
Everyday schedule (London time GMT)
16:00 - 20:30

08:00 - 11:30 Webinar + 15 min break
11:30 - 12:30 Lunch
12:30 - 16:30 Webinar + 15 min break
The Lecturer
Dr. Viacheslav Konev
Lecturer Viacheslav Konev is known worldwide for his profound knowledge of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. He attended medical school, later finished law school and now works as an attorney in Russia. He is a personal attorney to dr. Grabovoi for intellectual property. Viacheslav Konev not only teaches the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, but he also gives the knowledge to all, willing to receive, through the technology of the Spirit in the time of speaking, conceptually, consequently, when one knowledge defines the following knowledge and understanding.
Anastasia Petrenko
Organizer in London
Anastasia Petrenko attended the Faculty of Psychology at the University, Ph.D, professional coach. Has been practicing The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi since 2007.
Nafisa Melikholova
English-Russian, Italian-Russian interpreter with a degree in Languages and Translation and a future graduate in Arts. She has been working with the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi since 2015 and she participated in a number of encounters and seminars.
Webinar "The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about Eternal Life. Controlling specific events in a person's life" 1, 2, 3 July 2022
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